Ani'Shal nar Idenna

Ani'Shal nar Idenna

Ani'Shal nar Idenna was born aboard the lifeship Idenna of the Quarian Flotilla in 2135. Her parents were Sia'Shal (formerly Sia'Veur) vas Idenna nar Tesleya and Zur'Shal vas Currium nar Idenna, both are proud and honorable members of the Flotilla.


Inhabitant of Eden Prime Colony.


Her father made himself quite a name, when for his Piligrimage gift he has brought an acting turian cruiser, the Currium, which he became the captain of. Just like any other quarian, Ani spent her first years in an enivronmental bubble, until at the age of 7 got her first environmental suit. Since the first days she was out of her bubble, she has shown herself to be a very active child, which had made her physically prepared for her future life. As any other quarian, she had attended the technical courses, which were meant to prepare young quarians for their future life with the Flotilla, which she had easily aced. However, her father has seen a need to make his daughter ready for her future Pilgrimage, and taught her the basics of survival and self defense. Due to biological and physiological specialties of her race, Ani hasn`t found any other combat style suitable for her, other than an infiltrator, and since that, she has been learning to handle long range weapons and basics of stealth arts. All this had made her well ready for the life outside of the Flotilla, once the time had come for her to step out for her Pilgrimage in 2156. Since the first days she had set herself a goal, for her Pilgrimage to result as well as her father`s did. And so, once she had heard of a new race stepping into the galactic community - the humans - she decided to study their technology, in hopes to find technology completely unknown to her people, and which could be useful for the Flotilla in whole. On her way to the human sector of the space, she had stumbled into several groups of slavers, which she had eventually managed to escape from. That way she found out that her kind is in high demand among such organizations, due to their known technical abilities. However, by the year of 2157, she had safely made it to Eden Prime - one of the first human colonies known - where she had settled as a local mechanic, offering her tech skills to the people there, for a chance to see what technological wonders of the human kind can come across her hands.

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