Snapshot 2157 Rise of Humanity, Toria (171, 112, 86) - Adult

Birthplace: Space Age: 22


Born in a military space station out in deep space Bishop had quite a boring childhood. Being the only child on the entire ship he grew quite lonely on the ship. For fun the only thing Bishop could do was to train with the men who were stationed on the station. He flourished with combat and leadership. Best marksmen on the entire sip and when it came down to leadership abilities he fell no short of amazing. His parents saw that Bishop had a gift. By the time Bishop was 18 disaster struck. The space station was attacked by a large fleet of raiders. Bishop was the only surviver. The dog tags he wears around his neck are those of his parents after taking them off their bodies and leaving the station before the actual station blew up. Bishop has been living on his own ever since. Debating on whether he should take the the life of crime or do what his parents did and serve those who need help.

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