Age: 24 - Birth 2133


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Fenix Desmonder was born into a normal family in the country of Norway,and such he lived a life of normalcy for the most of his childhood. As time went on, he became interested in what was behind the technology of anything, as he dismantled everything he could find and rebuilt them, and every time he did so, the items he built became improved, growing in effectiveness as his skills grew. Buy the age of 16, he enrolled into a university, taking classes that further improved him in the field of manufacture and caretaker of Technology base.

As time went on, he moved around, ending up finishing his degree in Mechanical engineering at the age of 20. As he finished his schooling, he wanted more technology to try his skills on, as civilian technology restrained him from anything state of the art. And so, he thought that there would be plenty of machinery that will require maintenance, and give him the chance to look at all the state of the art technology. At that, he enrolled into The Systems Alliance, boot camp roughing him up as any recruit would be, but he passed with scores a little over the middle. 

Now the year of training had passed and he was shipped off world as he had gotten into the engineering department of SA. His tasks varied from small adjustments to large reconstructions of ground vehicles. Anything he got tasked with, he finished, with a more or less good succession rate. Not everything he did was working, but such happens in life, is what he thought.

Time passed and the year was now 2157 and the start of the First Contact War passed not long ago. He got called into action, making repairs and creating weapons as he had become a skilled gun and armor smith by by now. In the three months that the First Contact War lasted, he had gained a great insight into "alien" weaponry, his knowledge of weapon manufacturing grew larger with everything he surveyed. 

And then the end of the First Contact War followed, and he had survived with little to no engagements, bare a few assaults on the bases he had been stationed at on Shanxi, but he was pulled out before the occupation.

Such was the military career for Fenix, and he had decided to settle down on Eden Prime as the local weapon and armor smith along with being part of the home guard on Eden Prime, to keep it safe from pirates and slavers. 

This is the start of this soldier's life.  

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