Melantha Headshot

Birthplace : Earth - Eastern Europe

Age: 21

Bio Melantha is an orphaned former child soldier from a war-torn region of East Europe overtaken by civil war. When she was six years old, her town was stormed by terrorists, who rounded the townsfolk and shot them into mass graves. The terrorist leader, however, took a liking to Melantha and one other young girl named Helga, and spared them from the mass killings. The leader's name was Moritz der Häuter ("the Flayer"), a wanted terrorist leader of the Neo-Nazi group "Knights of the Black Sun". Moritz trained and indoctrinated Melantha and Helga into into child killing machines. They remained loyal soldiers to Moritz for years, participating in bombings, infiltrations, insurgencies, terrorism, and mass killings. Eventually, Melantha and Helga would be pitted against each other in hand-to-hand combat to the death, at the amusement for Moritz. Melantha won.

Carnage in Eastern Europe began to escalate, and the newly formed Systems Alliance stepped in to put an end to the war. The Alliance embarked on bombing campaigns, ground invasions, and peace-keeping operations, and successfully ended the war after months of fighting. Many of the Knights of the Black Sun were rounded up and forced to face trial for war crimes. Moritz der Häuter and many of his comrades, however, went into hiding.

Rather than face the International Criminal Tribunal, a deal was struck between the Moritz and an underground organization that would eventually become Cerberus. The Knights agreed to join as a paramilitary wing of this soon-to-be-Cerberus-organization. The Knights change their identity, and systematically wiped their background and history from the databases. 

Melantha would be recruited into one of the elite paramilitary of proto-Cerberus, and immediately sent to work on helping establish military presence in new space colonies.

The torture and torment that Melantha experienced as a child soldier, however, had led her to begin to question herself,  her loyalty to the Knights, Moritz, -- or even to anything human...

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