Snapshot 2157 Rise of Humanity, Toria (164, 94, 86) - Adult

Name: Sani Yazzi Age: 120


Sani was born on Thessia and lived her life in the pursuit of scientific endeavors. She has spent much of her life abroad the galaxy excavating ancient races of different alien species. Prothean lore and technology fascinates Sani however she has often used her biotic abilities for more of a hired hand jobs. She excels at obtaining rare antiquities and is fluent in ancient several archaic alien dialects. 

She can either be found in the citadel pouring over volumes of ancient text or at an excavation site. She has several friends who constantly bail her out of trouble and while she is young in Asari years she has a good grasp of her emotions.

She obtained her doctorate in xeno anthropology and mastered in xeno linguistics from The thessia university.

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