Headshot - Symmon - Mass Effect

Birthplace : Earth, London, UK. Age: 26


Born and raised in the heart of London, a thriving cultural and economical hub for humanity, Symmon Jachin comes from old money. Eudcated in one of the country's finest schools and also by private tutors, he was heralded as a great mind on the rise in the economic world. He, however, had other plans. He saw the entire system as corrupt, fraudulent and drunk on it's own fumes. He resented it, and all that came with it. Politics, business, social niceties, they were all simply scripts followed over and over again to their predictable causes. There was something far more visceral and pure about dealing with the 'underground' services the city offered, and that was where he thrived.

Information, weapons, narcotics and contraband of all kinds were something he dealt with daily. Here, there was no bullshit. The customer stated what they wanted, it was provided, he was paid. Simple. Pure. Honest.

His father had always said that travel was the great leveller, and a man could only learn his reputation by walking a hundred miles. As the First Contact War came to an end, information of other opportunities began to come in. Illium was tempting, but it was the Terminus Systems that really caught his eye, specifically Omega. Beyond the reach of the Human Systems Alliance and even the Citadel Council. He'd always wanted to see the world as a boy, and seeing it from orbit was one better.

Two years yielded a vast amount of learning on Omega. Symmon quickly learned that education and smart business practises will only go so far when dealing with species like the Vorcha and the Krogan. Suits and ties were exchanged for pistols and shotguns and as a result, enemies were made. He wasn't the only one come to settle into a position of power. It was all out war, and after two years of fighting, it was time to seek greener pastures. Using the last of his available credits, he bought passage on a ship headed for the Citadel, seeking easier work

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